How to use

How to use and remove our Jelly Melts

We have 2 different size Jelly Melts - each with different burn times (see below):

  • approximately 20 grams - up to 20 hours burn time
  • approximately 30 grams - up to 32 hours burn time

Please note these are only average burn times, the best time to remove your Jelly Melt is when you feel you can no longer smell the fragrance.

How to use

To use our Jelly Melts simply peel out the amount of gel you wish to use, put it on the top of your burner and light the flame/turn it on to enjoy the aromas (please note - only 4 hour unscented tea lights are permitted for use with our Jelly Melts).

We recommend you flip your Jelly Melt in between burns (once the wax has cooled) as it disperses the fragrance evenly. To do this simply wait until the gel has set then peel and flip the Jelly Melt so it is ready to use next time.


How to remove

As stated above, the best time to remove your Jelly Melt is when you can no longer smell the fragrance.

To remove the Jelly Melt, extinguish the flame/turn off the burner and wait for the gel to completely cool down and set. Once it has set you can then peel the Jelly Melt from the burner and dispose of it.

You are then free to enjoy the aromas of a new scent!


Safety Information

  • Please keep your burner in a safe place - away from children and pets.
  • Remember to never leave your burner unattended.
  • Keep out of draughts & do not move while lit.
  • Ensure you regularly check your burner for chips, cracks, etc... as this can make them unsafe to use.
  • Tea light burners are to be a minimum of 11cm in height (oil burners are not permitted to be used with our Jelly Melts).
  • Only 4 hour unscented tea lights are permitted with use of our Jelly Melts.


Disclaimer: As our Jelly Melts are handmade the colour may vary slightly, this does not affect the strength of the melt. Please make sure the Jelly Melt is fully cooled before removing from your burner as it can be very messy if not - please note some Jelly Melts take longer than others to cool. The above scents are in no way affiliated with the original scents, our Jelly Melts smell similar to the designer brand. Each wax melt is CLP compliant, please read the safety instructions on the bottom of each pot.