Frequently Ask Questions

What makes our Jelly Melts (Gel Wax Melts) different to traditional wax melts?
Our Jelly Melts have a longer burn time due to the higher melting point of the wax. This means less time changing wax when ours can be remelted and enjoyed over and over again!


How easy are your Jelly Melts (Gel Wax Melts) to remove from a burner?
Our Jelly Melts are super easy to remove from burners as they set in jelly form. Yes, that means no scraping old wax from your burner - Our Jelly Melts simply peel straight out, no mess or fuss!


How long does each Jelly Melt (Gel Wax Melt) last for?
We have 2 different size Jelly Melts - each with different burn times (see below):
  • 20 grams - approx 20 hours burn time
  • 30 grams - approx 32 hours burn time


How many times can you remelt your Jelly Melt (Gel Wax Melt)?
They can be remelted as many times as you like, please see the FAQ above for how long the scent lasts on average.


Are your Jelly Melts (Gel Wax Melts) Vegan & Cruelty Free?
Yes, all our Jelly Melts are made with Vegan & Cruelty free products.


Can you change your Jelly Melt before the scent has gone?
Yes, once cooled you can simply peel your Jelly Melt from the burner and put it back into their original pots ready to be melted again.


Is your packaging eco-friendly?
Yes, all our packaging is either biodegradable or can be recycled.